Wool is a natural fiber that is known for its many desirable qualities including durability, and appearance retention. As a carpet fiber, wool is preferred for many reasons. While it might be more costly than its synthetic counterparts, a wool carpet comes with many benefits. These include:


Wool has a natural crimp, which is another way of saying that it can easily bounce back regardless of the pressure applied to it. With a wool carpet, you will not have to worry about pile compression and tracking marks. Hotels will choose wool carpets in their lobbies and rooms as these are able to maintain their beautiful experience even after years of heavy use. Wool is as durable as nylon carpet.


Seeing that it is a natural fiber, wool also comes with natural oils which enable soiling resistance. All you will need to keep your wool carpet looking clean all the time is some regular vacuuming. Of course a professional clean once or twice a year will also work wonders. That being said, it is necessary to attend to spills whenever they happen to prevent them from setting in.


Wool carpets are soft to the touch, and are energy efficient as they are able to act as insulators and retain heat. Your home will remain cozy even during the cold winter months. What’s more, wool also absorbs sound and cushions the house against echo and noise. This is a perfect quality especially if you have a young and noisy household, and wish to maintain some sanity.


Wool is known to be naturally fire resistant. This is why a first aid move to someone on fire is to throw a wool blanket on them and roll them on the ground.  While the hope is that your house will never catch fire, it is comforting to know that the chances of a candlelit dinner turning tragic are minimized when a wool carpet is used.


A wool carpet can cushion falls thus minimizing injury. This comes in handy when you have young ones or the elderly living with you. When a good quality carpet padding is installed under the wool carpet, this quality is magnified. It is always comforting to know that your carpet is there to catch you in case of a slip.


Wool is readily available as a natural fiber as it comes from a natural process of taking care of sheep i.e. shearing. As long as there are sheep needing shearing, there will be wool available to make some quality long lasting carpets.


Wool is biodegradable and will break down in soil to produce nitrogen, Sulphur, carbon dioxide and water when disposed. These are then re-absorbed by plants as they are plant nutrients. As such, wool is safe for the environment during use and even after its useful years it continues being safe.

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