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Simple Tasks for a Clean Home


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Not all homeowners have endless hours available to clean and tidy up around their house. Some cleaning chores are time-consuming, after all.

However, you don’t want dust and dirt to build up in your home because you are too busy with other things. The good news is there are some simple tasks you can perform each day that will really help improve the cleanliness and appearance of your home.

Here are some of our tips for how to clean your home fast and efficient:



Nothing creates the appearance of a chaotic and unclean home faster than clutter. Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes and forms. Clutter in a living room might be blankets, toys, magazines or books whereas clutter in a kitchen could be food containers on the counter or dirty dishes piling up.

We recommend you address clutter immediately. Don’t let dirty clothes pile up on bedroom floors, instead throw them into a nearby laundry basket. For dirty dishes, we recommend filling the dishwasher immediately after the meal to avoid the large stacks of dishes that occur after several meals.

If you don’t ignore clutter, it won’t be as time-consuming to clean it up.


You will find that you will clean your home much more efficiently when you have a routine in place. Schedule times to clean each room of your home throughout the week and be sure to repeat some cleaning chores every day. This includes dirty dishes, vacuuming your carpet and wiping down all of the surfaces in your kitchen.

Once each of these chores become a part of your cleaning routine, you will breeze through them without a second thought and you won’t forget to clean them and run the risk of dirt, bacteria and dust build-up.


You should routinely audit everything in your home and get rid of any and all items you don’t use often or don’t need. Each time you buy a new article of clothing or piece of décor for your home, consider donating a current item in your home to the Goodwill or a local charity.

This way you will never have too much clutter piling up in your home and it will be much easier to organize everything you own.


Buy storage containers for almost everything in your home. Storage containers are perfect for seasonal clothing and décor items as well as for tools and arts and craft materials.

Storage containers can be stacked in closets where they are out of sight and easily accessed the next time you need them.


If you don’t have time to deep clean your home, don’t. It is better to hire a maid service and ensure the job is done right rather than attempt to clean something only partially.

The same can be said for professional carpet cleaning. DIY methods and solutions are inefficient for this cleaning chore and you are better off hiring a local company to deep clean your carpet to remove dirt, soiling and bacteria from the floors in your home.

Chem-Dry of Brazos County offers superior carpet cleaning for residents of College Station, Bryan and nearby Texas communities. Please call us to schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment today!

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