Many people have embraced the idea of using vinegar to clean their homes, and they do it for various reasons. Some want to live a greener lifestyle while others are looking to cut cost. Vinegar falls under green products, and it is cheaper than the cleaners sold at the store. It does not pose any harm to pets if ingested and it will not interfere with your plumbing systems. These benefits are the reasons why everyone is creating a buzz about vinegar as a cleaning agent.

There are numerous ways in which you can use vinegar to clean in your home from windows to the interior part of your refrigerator. However, this does not mean that it is suitable for everything. That brings us to our question, “Should you use vinegar to clean your carpet?” The answer is no.

The first thing you will notice when you clean your carpet with vinegar is the smell. It doesn’t matter if you combine it with various extracts or use whichever kind of vinegar, you will still have the smell lingering around.

Vinegar is a good disinfectant, but it will not get rid of the dirt in your carpet. Also, vinegar does not have the power to remove grease from your carpet. The commercial products do a great job compared to vinegar. You might need to clean one spot more than once for you to see a change. However, the results still won’t be amazing.

Using vinegar to clean your carpet requires so much work. You need to put your towel over the spill in the carpet and then blot it up. You need to do this with your fingertip. It is important to avoid rubbing the liquid in. You will need to do a lot of blotting at this stage to ensure that you have soaked up all the liquid you can. This will require a few towels, the amount of spill you are dealing with will determine the number of towels you will use. This is the point where you now apply your vinegar. With most of the spill gone, you can spray the spot and use a large amount of vinegar while at it. Let the vinegar get soaked into the carpet and leave it for about 5-10 minutes.

After the vinegar had done its job of reducing the stain, you will get a clean towel and put it in the same areas so it can soak up the vinegar. You need to continue using blotting and not rubbing. However, some people prefer to rub or scrub.

Vinegar has numerous benefits. Yes, it is safe for use, cheap and so on but it does not solve the most crucial problem; it cannot get rid of stains. It might fade them a bit, but your carpet won’t be spotless. It requires so much work yet you will not be satisfied with the results. You can use vinegar to disinfect your carpet, but it should not replace professional carpet cleaning.

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